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Net Yaroze Members Only


A hobbyist's development kit that allows anyone to write game programs to run on the special Net Yaroze PlayStation.

How does the Net Yaroze kit work?

PC software allows you to write programs on your PC which you can compile and then download via a serial cable to your Member's Net Yaroze PlayStation and play.

What about technical support and information?

Net Yaroze members have exclusive access to the Net Yaroze web site which provides technical support, contact with other members and hosts members' home pages.

What does the Net Yaroze kit consist of?

A special Member's Net Yaroze PlayStation and accessories, Net Yaroze software and documentation (see Net Yaroze kit details, below), together with some extra benefits.

More information?

See the Net Yaroze Frequently Asked Questions list.

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Extra Benefits

Along with the Net Yaroze kit, Net Yaroze Members also get the following extras:

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