..to my Yaroze homepage! I hate PC's, Windows and Microsoft but love Amiga and consoles. So when Yaroze was released I just had to have one.

Developing on a PC is no fun and I don't want to waste any money on one. Because of this I've worked hard to create Amiga versions of some of the most important tools needed for developing for Yaroze. I have created enough tools now for you to do some real Yaroze development on the Amiga. I guess all that I'm missing is some sound converting software - this is probably a bit harder since the sound format is kinda undocumented...

If you are interested in some of the Amiga stuff I have created over the years check my other homepage..

The Amiga Tools

This is a list of what I've accomplished so far:
Name Type Description
gcc Programming The GNU MIPS R3000 C-compiler.
as Programming The GNU MIPS R3000 Assembler.
ld Programming The GNU Linker.
Upload Tool Amiga-PSX upload tool (comes with source). Remember you'll need a serial port with a DB9 connector! I also recommend getting a serial-device replacement from Aminet which enables you to run at higher speeds without errors.
ifxtim Graphics ImageFX TIM loader and saver module.
TimInfo Graphics A command line tool to display and/or change data of a TIM file.
Layout Tool A command line tool to manage data files for a project. Takes a list of data files and creates a batch file for the upload tool and creates a .h file for you to include in your sources. Overlapping data files in memory is a thing of the past!

All the tools can be downloaded here.

To use these tools you will need an Amiga with lots of RAM because the GNU compiler is pretty greedy. How much exactly I don't know - I have 46MB myself so I tend not to have any problems :). You also need some other GNU tools like make. You can get them for free from the Amiga Developers Environment.

Please note that all this stuff is not supported by Sony in any way. If you find any bug or have any problems with these tools you should talk to me and not Sony.

Future Plans

I will continue to improve my upload tool. I now know that it's quite easy to use the PlayStation's serial port so I will make it possible to load data files from within your programs!

I also have some ideas for a graphical TIM arrangement program like the one that exists for the PC.

When the next-generation Amigas arrive they will be supported too of course. I'm getting one as soon as they are available, that's for sure! Maybe even a PIOS ONE running pOS..


Sure.. Download my first and so far only demo - FeedBack - it's quite nice! Click here to download it...

SIOCONS Protocol

To make my upload tool I had to do some research on how SIOCONS talked to the PlayStation. If you are making your own SIOCONS replacement you might wanna read more about it..

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