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(PAL/NTSC/Famegame versions of P2B)


Wow! I've got another website!

Just this title page & the game here, folks.

For other stuff, you want to be at the real FISHnet homepage


It's here: "Pushy 2B"

The box-pushing puzzly spectacular has, at last, made it onto the playstation!


(click for a bigger screenshot)

Note that, unlike many Yaroze releases, this is a complete game, not an experimental piece of demo code. Consequently it's not as impressive as some stuff that's out there, but is more playable!

Since Pushy is intended as a "kids game", some yaroze owners may find the first batch of levels a tad boring. Hence the screenshot contains a shortcut to level 27 (out of 50).

Release 4 (29th Aug '98) - Now with extra graphic sets and lack of interlace.


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