Hello and welcome

These are my nice (?) yaroze pages which I have finally got
around to updating ! Anyway ... hopefully I will be updating
these on a regular basis now that I am managing to get some
yaroze programming done (darned deadlines!)
Update 12/07/98
Woah ! Two updates in two days, there's something wrong with me =)
Either that or there was something wrong with the lib that I needed
to update. Hmmm wonder which !!.
Anyway - new version 0.2 with a couple of updates and a new demo prog.
Have fun !
Update 11/07/98
In my ftp area there is version 0.1 of my sprite library that
I'm working on. It's not much at the moment, generally the base
functions are there but I expect to update it pretty often.
Expect full set of pages on this soon, I am putting up the
file for now just to see what people think of it.

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