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Welcome to my other pad....


26/12/1998 The Alphafrog Yaroze site is live, and marks a long overdue return for DaFrog to the land of games development. For more on my shady past, check out the About Me link below.

So, welcome to DaAlterPad. You can still find the original Dapad at www.dapad.co.uk, but as you might expect this is the only place where you can find information on the Yaroze stuff that I am doing, download source and find out general tidbits of information along the way, I hope. Its still early days though for the Yaroze and I, so initially stuff is going to be scarce. Stick with it though, and Iíll have a Playstation C tutorial up before you can say "Oh my, my GPU mangled my CLUT on the way through its OT to the Frame Buffer".

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