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What is RsdAnim?

It's a PC (Win95) hosted keyframe animator for Playstation RSD format 3D models....


RSDAnim ScreenShot

What Do You Need?

- Windows 95
- DirectX v5
NOTE1: RsdAnim will NOT run on NT4. This is because it uses Direct3D immediate mode, which is only available with DirectX5. NT4 only supports DirectX3, so RsdAnim will crash & burn...)

 NOTE2: There seems to be a problem on some PC setups...I'm not sure what it is, so if RsdAnim crashes when you run it, click on 'NO' in the startup box.

 NOTE1: There's a conflict I've not chased yet with 3D/FX cards - RsdAnim won't work if you've got one (sorry, I don't have one myself so I don't know what the problem is).


Where's it come from?

From me, I wrote it...


Licensing Blurb

1) I release this program for non-comercial use only on the Yaroze.
2) No comercial developer may download or use this software.
3) Don't give it away to non-yaroze members.
If I see it on a single WWW site other than the Sony Main Server, I'll simply not release any more updates. I don't expect to see it on Blackbag, Insert Coin or #PSXDEV - and I know all you folks who hang there as well, so I'll know exactly who to chase if this starts doing the rounds.

What does it do?

Well, it loads Playstation RSD format models and displays them on the PC "hey, RSDTOOL does that" - I know, but this is better.....


What Next?

Load's of stuff has problems/bugs/doesn't do what it should, so I'll be fixing those as time goes by...

 Follow this link for the most recent changes....



Read the Frequently Asked Questions here.

 To download this masterpiece....(version 1.51, date 24/8/98, no virus with this release) *download*

To download the support library....(version 2.0, date 17/8/98) *download*

To download the sample ready-boned model.... *download*w