Pandora's Box

Copyright 1998 by Christoph Lürig and Torsten Ventzke

Source Code Available

Game objective:
Pandora’s Box is a Puzzle Game, that is played in the ego perspective. The player is positioned in a maze, where boxes are standing around. Every box has to be pushed onto one of the black and yellow marked fields. The boxes can not be pushed into he diagonal directions and one box can only be pushed at the time. As the view range is limited the player does not know the whole level setting form the beginning. The time to complete a level is limited.

Loading instructions:
You need PsCommUtil in order to download this game. Start PsCommUtil, download the program NYOpt and run it. Alternatively you can now also use SIOCONS along with the SIOCONS compatible version

Playing instructions:
When the game is started you can select one of the ten levels using the directional pad. Every level has a name and a number. Although it is possible to play the levels in arbitrary order, the authors strongly suggest to play the levels in the indicated order. Levels you have already managed are highlighted green and the others red. Use the X-Button to selected and start the level. When the level is started you can use the start button to enter and to leave the PAUSE mode. In Pause mode a layout of the pad with further instructions is displayed.

Finally I have also prepared a preliminary DirectX version. Possibly I will implement an occlusion culling algorithm to make it a little faster. The keyboard assignment is written in the readme file.

Using some very dirty tricks I managed to get Pandoras Box SIOCONS compatible.

I have uploaded the source of Pandoras Box in its CodeWarrior version. The whole project is downloadable here. While programming the crippled version of Painters algorithm occured to be a big problem. You will understand the effect if you comment out all Wallactivate/deactivate and BoxActivate and deactivate commands in these routines. It then becomes clear that there are so few first person games on the Playstation. As long as the code is not used for commercial purposes you may recycle any part of it for your own projects. The very most of the code is rather technical, there are no bright minded routines in it. Have fun!

Download SIOCONS compatible version here
Download DirectX version here.
Download PAL-version here.
Download NTSC-version here.
Download Source Code here.
Mail me if you have comments of the game.