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Well, here it is. My homepage. Sorry if this seems a bit hurried, but I'm busy.

If you use the supplied VAB for music ('std0.vb' and 'std0.vh', also known as 'genmidi.vb' and 'genmidi.vh') and if you're downloading it through the serial link, then why not use my example code to load the VAB from the CD? It's a lot faster than the serial link, and it makes your game easier to download from the web site.

So far, the only program I've got here is a small program to add multiple CLUTs to a TIM file, and an example image.

You can download them from my FTP area.

28th. January 2004

Just a quick update to get rid of that old email address.

I've also put up the source code for 'clutadd', if anybody wants it.

Since writing this page, I've worked at a few games companies, working on several published titles for several systems.

If you want to link to my page (why?), you could use this link image:

URL of this home page: http://www.netyaroze-europe.com/~d_face

If you have any comments, email me at: d_face@blueyonder.co.uk

Last updated: 28th. January 2004.