Time Slip

Time Slip is primarily a platform game. You can jump around and shoot at enemies in a similar way to other games of this genre. To progress to the next level of the game you have to collect a certain number of coins and reach the exit of the level. [Screen shot] However, every minute you travel back in time to the point at which you started the level. This means that you can see your past echoes doing exactly what you did.

If you collide with one of these past echoes then it will trigger a time paradox and the universe will be ripped to shreds (you need to restart the level). However, these past echoes are the key to reaching the exit. There are doors around each level that are opened by standing on a corresponding floor pad but once you step off the pad the door closes. If you then travel back in time your past echo will step on the pad enabling you to walk through the door.

The clock at the top of the screen continually moves round and when it reaches 12 then you will travel back in time. It is sometimes beneficial to remember at what point the clock is at when you do something significant. This will enable you to know when something is going to happen in a future time slip.
At the top left you can see how many coins you have collected and how many still remain. When you have collected enough coins to let you leave the level a fanfare will sound and the coin at the left will start to spin round.
Your scanner is at the bottom of the screen. This lets you see where your past echoes are to help you avoid them. If a past echo is nearby then a line will appear from the centre of the scanner in the direction of the echo with a picture of yourself at the end. The size of your image indicates how far away the echo is. ---


Game Download game(v1.1)(384k)
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If you have comments about Time Slip (good or bad) then you can Email me at johnstdt@dcs.gla.ac.uk


Other details about the game

The movements of past echoes in the game are stored by keeping a note of the player's position, animation frame, direction and whether or not they are firing for every frame. When time repeats itself the past echoes can be drawn again in their old positions and a fireball released from them whenever they fire.

It wasn't always done like this, when I first started the game I kept note of the players keypresses so that their actions could be "replayed" when a timeslip occured. This, however, led to the game being even more confusing as the current player could change the actions of a past echo.
Imagine a simple scene with a door in the floor and the switch that opens it on it's right. The player first enters from the left, walks over the door and stands on the switch, opening the door. A time slip then occurs and the past echo walks in. This time the door is open and the past echo will fall down, not what happened last time. If the current player then moves the door will close. If another time slip occurs then the original echo will come in and the door will be closed again.
This is a relatively simple example and needless to say to complete fully blown level required a previous degree in quantum physics. It also meant the two past echoes could run into themselves leaving the player wondering what had happened. I'm pretty glad I changed it!

The game is obviously tile based in nature but each tile has a 5x5 collision map (the tiles are 20x20 pixels) meaning tiles aren't just either empty or completely solid. This allowed me to have stairs in the game and various other oddly shaped bits.

I originally made a game similar to this on the Acorn called "GroundHog", because of the Groundhog day film. It was viewed from above, didn't scroll and the main character was a groundhog with a gun. It let me get the idea off the ground mind you and it did contain a 2 player option. If I ever do a sequel to Time Slip for the Yaroze I will probably try and include a 2 player game.

Another interesting option that was in the Acorn version was the ability to die but continue and then save yourself. If you got killed then you couldn't leave the level and you looked transparent, to represent death. If you kill the enemy that killed you at an earlier point in time then you get ressurected since you now no longer die in the first place. Wierd isn't it, I might implement this in Time Slip if anyone shows any interest in seeing it work.

Time Slip was on PSM cover disk 48, it could have been on 47 but it failed the QA test. "How?" I hear you cry, the text on the title screen read "use the direction buttons to change the level code" instead of "use the directional buttons to change the level code".
I was also asked earlier to change some of the symbols on the floor pads because they too closely resembled the playstation's triangle, square, cross and circle. I could see the point if I was trying to release the game on a nintendo or sega machine but wouldn't I just be advertising their machine. Besides, I didn't realise Sony had patented the circle, I envisage an epic legal battle with Sesame street coming up.

Three levels have two exits leading to different maps. This means there is more than one route through the game, although the end levels are all the same. ---

Cheats & Tips

There are two cheat codes you can enter as a password on the title screen. A fanfare will sound and the hands of the clock will move the opposite direction if you have entered it correctly.
10101010 - Makes you invulnerable.
66666666 - Produces more blood when you shoot enemies.

Here is a list of all the level codes. The splits represent the different paths you can take through the game by leaving a level by a different exit. The last level contains a plasma space/time relay that is causing the time slip anomaly. You have to blow it up to complete the game.
Level codes
Always remember that in this game it is your own actions that are likely to kill yourself in the future. It's easy to rampage around like a maniac when there are no past echoes around to avoid but you will have to contend with that later on. Sometimes it's a good idea to deliberatly jump over a spot of scenery that you can recognize so that you will know that area is safe in the future.

Similary, shooting enemies can be a bad idea as some bullets will fly off into the distance and might shoot a past echo or yourself later on. And there's no point killing an enemy just before you are about to time slip since when you go back in time he will still be alive. ---

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