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Hello! My name is Daniel Hartmeier. I'm 25 years old and live near Basel, in the german-speaking part of Switzerland. Since 1995 I work as a programmer for a small software company. We mainly develop database applications for the Windows NT platform using Borland C++, RogueWave's zApp (a GUI library) and Sequiter's CodeBase (an xBase compatible database library).


Since my very first steps as a computer user, I have always been fascinated by computer games. I tried to write a game of my own on every system I have owned. With little success, unfortunately. The problem was always the same: I didn't have enough knowledge of assembly language and hardware programming. Some more abstract game programming languages emerged, but all of them provided results inferior to any professionally developed game.

When I heard of Sony's NetYaroze program, I was immediately attracted. For me, it was a possible entry into the world of real-world game development. Most of all, I liked the idea of writing games in C++ (the language I know best), with the help of a library that hides the hardware level.


I joined the NetYaroze program in Summer 1997. After some installation problems, I got CodeWarrior to compile C++ code under Windows NT. The IDE is a little slow, but the compiler works reliably and accepts all important C++ constructs, even templates (no STL, though).

The next task was to read through the manuals and tutorials and get in contact with other members. The newsgroups are an excellent way to achieve this.

I met other NetYaroze members from Switzerland in Summer 1998 (one even from the town next to mine), and we meet almost every week since then. The team consists of three NetYaroze programmers, two graphic artists and a sound composer. We prepared several (technical) demos and game concepts. Up to the present day, we are still looking for a game development or conversion job. If you are looking for a team or single programmers, please contact me. For an interesting job in game development, with a good team, I'd be willing to work anywhere in the world even for little money :-)


Rick Rangerous

This is my first (and up to now only) released project. It is a basic 2D jump-and-run game featuring background scrolling and multiple levels with different enemies. You can download the executable and the complete source code.

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If you have any comments or questions, please contact me: o daniel@reichardt.ch

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