EDGE Competition Entry

Super Ramp Skater
Deluxe Turbo Alpha Plus

(Demo Version - Cos I ran out of time!)

By Doug Day

Running Super Ramp Skater

Create a directory called "Skater" (or whatever!) and unzip Edge1.zip into that directory, then execute "run.bat" (this will download everything to the Yaroze and run the game).

Ramp skating for 1 or 2 players!

To get going, choose 1 or 2 players, change the game time and then select Go!

Players always start on the flat, so press R2 to start skating. To build up speed, press and hold L2 on the way down the ramp's slopes - RELEASE L2 when on the flat, otherwise you'll slow down.

When you've built up enough speed and you're getting air off the ramp, it's time to do some tricks! While skating up and down the ramp, hold L1 to buid up some spinning speed - the longer L1 is held before getting air, the faster the skater will spin when you press and hold Left or Right while in the air. Oh - and remember, while holding L1 on the ramp - you can't turn!

Points are awarded for 180s, 360s, 540s and 720s - the longer the spin the more points you get. Points are also awarded for pulling grabs while in the air - the longer you grab for and the more grabs you do, the more points you get!

Menu controls

Start - Quit (same as selecting Quit from menu)
Up/Down - Move up/down through menu options
Left/Right - Alter current option

In-game controls

Left/right - Lean left/right (will fall if leaning too far)
L2 - Pump (only on transitions)
or Slow down (when pressed on the flat)
L1 - Build up spin speed for airs
(cannot turn while held)
R2 - Kick off (when standing still)
X - Grab
Square - Silly air!
Circle - Another silly air!
Triangle - Change view
Select - Quit game

Cheers for reading to the end!

EDGE Competition Entry