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Welcome to Enigma, the definitive home page of Owen Gunter.

I am new to Yaroze development, but have been programming in C/C++ for many years. I currently work as a contractor, but as I'm sure like many of you hoping to make the transition to games programming. We all aspire to be the one(s) to make the break into gaming and so I am looking for like minded people who are serious about joining a team OR have a good team already and are looking for another programmer who has over 10 years commercial experience.

To put anything decent to market requires many man years effort; I see the 'working together' principle as paramount. I am looking for good programmers as well as any one with an artistic flair. I am able to support the establishment of a small team and am only interested in dedicated people.

Why not visit my FTP file area. I have nearly completed an on-line (WinHelp) version of the library reference and have a few basic classes to post over the next few weeks. Watch this space...

E-mail : OAGunter@btinternet.com
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