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Hello, and welcome to my Yaroze Homepage!

My name is Gary Dowling, I live in Sunny (!?) Dublin, Ireland. I work for a large Software Company, but have never coded a game before!

Well, I just received my Yaroze system last week, so I'm currently getting to grips with the Documentation and Sample sources, but I'm looking forward to coding on it, as the last time I did some serious coding was on my Amiga in 1994. I've had a PC since then but have never really done any coding on it, as it never made me interested enough, it's lacking a certain something (a soul?) that the Amiga had.


Current/Future Projects

I have to do a lot of learning first, but then...

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Personal Interests

Mainly Science Fiction, Horror and Humour. My favorite writers include Stephen Donaldson, David Eddings, Douglas Adams, Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Anne Rice, Terry Pratchett and Robert Rankin. I also read the odd Computer Magazine, particularly EDGE and Playstation Monthly.
A little bit of PC programming, gaming (with 3dfx) and Internet usage. My first computer was a ZX Spectrum 48K which I bought in 1993.
My Favourite games are probably Tekken 2, Resident Evil 2 and Final Fantasy VII. Now I'm into YAROZE development..
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Contact Information

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Comments and Suggestions

Please send me mail telling me what you think about this page and how I might improve it.

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