Ed Fear's Net Yaroze site

Hello there! Some people may remember me, I was the immature member who kept on shouting "I'm only 13!". Well, I've grown up now, and over the past two years my programming skills have increased by quite a bit. I've become quite fluent with DirectX and I know the basics of Direct3D, so thinks like matricies actually make sense!. I'm currently writing an RPG engine (in the style of Final Fantasy, rather than Diablo or Baldur's Gate) for the PC and my first project, a spoof RPG called The Legend of Helga which is going to be promoted by allrpg.com, a site which covers both Console style and PC style RPGs. Basically what they've said is that they'll pay for banner advertising when it nears completion, which is very cool :)

I haven't been very active in the Yaroze scene but I may be coming back, hence this update. I need to spend a lot of time on my engine but I'm hoping that I'll become a semi-active member once again.

If you wish to contact me, my current e-mail address is ed_fear@yahoo.co.uk.

Ed Fear