Reality-Bytes Coding Group  

Reality-Bytes currently has the following members :

Kevin C. Rugman.

That's it. sob sniffle sniffle :-(

The animated gifs above are used in the game I'm currently working on. It's a sideways scrolling sprite em up, or a sideways spriting scroll em up depending on how you look at it. It is in the early development stages and a lot of work has yet to be done, but I think it is looking fairly good so far.

You can download it and the scource code by clicking HERE.

what you'll get is the scource code, the tims the auto batch file and the ny.pxe executable. So you won't have to compile it, you can just run the batch file. If you do compile it, bear in mind that I compiled it using CodeWarrior and linked it for address 0x80090000. your compiler might link it to a different address, in which case you may have to alter the addresses for the tim files.

Don't look on this as a good example of programming, It isn't. I tend to bolt code together in bits and bobs so it evolves rather than get written.
If you want a good sprite tutorial click HERE

The text in use is for debug purposes only and is rather ugly, I made my own character set and have yet to improve it. My main reason for doing this was because I always have difficulty with FntPrint();

Controls for the game :

up, down, left and right move the spaceship, use X to fire and select to quit the game. 

There is also a rather crummy game of solitair which was the first game I did. HERE

If you want to email me

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