Welcome to my website.

I have finally got round to updating my website!
This is mostly due to my actually doing something, 3 cheers, wahey!

Quick round up of what's been going on.
Well finished Uni got my degree, got a job at a local company.
Didn't go any further than my trial period :-(
Crapped my pants and started to get some yaroze stuff done.
Within a couple of days got an interview with Sony, had a good interview and got the job. :-)
And that is me to date.

Games & Projects
My first project was the 3D car from the Passmore tutorial.
The proper well and true 'project' was my attempt at a pacman clone.
It took me a week to get the majority of it done, but I got as far as 80% complete.
I have to thank Mr Bain for his example of a game 'Black Widow' for which I used a good lot of it. Cheers George.

On to my second project.
I loved Grand Prix Simulator on the good old speccy ( aah )
I made a version of it at Uni, so I thought heck why not.
So from what I learnt from proj 1, and some stuff from work, I'm slowing re-creating it.

I've a wish to get a football game out very much like FIFA the original MegaDrive version. ( Yes I know, nothing I've done is original ) So everyone will have to be patient.


3Dcar.zip - thought it would be worth putting on, I'm not hiding anything bad here.( Emphasis on hiding )

Mope.zip - my pacman clone, the mope name came from the BloodHound Gang tune of the same name. If you've heard it you'll know why ;-)

GPS.zip - What I've done so far, nowt much.


Well that's all I've got for the moment, but it's all I can be bothered to do.