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Last updated: Thursday, 3rd September 1998
Little bit abouts me      

I'm a 23 year old New Zealander (although fellow Dev Supporter Colin Hughes annoyingly thinks I'm Australian and everyone else thinks I'm English), working as a Developer Support Engineer at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe in London. I've got experience with pretty much everything PlayStation. I used to work as a Unix system adminstrator and software developer for a utility (power/gas/water) software company back in Auckland, my home town.

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Tools that rule      
You need some help with your programming?
Filename Description Size
MEMEDIT.ZIP Edit the contents of any file on your second memory card. 18Kb
DATAMAN.ZIP Tool to manage those placing data files in memory automatically (no longer requires DOS4GW.EXE). 39Kb
GRABAUTO.ZIP Reads in a SIOCONS 'auto' file, loads all the 'local dload' files into virtual PlayStation main memory and dumps the used part out to a file. Means you've only got one data file to load. 25Kb
MEGATIM.ZIP Takes a list of TIMs and loads them all into a virtual PlayStation VRAM, then creates one big 16-bit TIM which comprises the lot (which means you've only got one TIM to load). TIMTool can do this too, but TIMTool doesn't like large lists of files and doesn't automatically work out the proper size of the new TIM for you. 28Kb
RAW2SRC.ZIP Converts a raw data file into C source, so you can include it into your C programs easily. 24Kb
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Docs that rock      
Those manuals got you stumped? Just look here for the answers.
Filename Description Size
Vectors & Matrices mini tutorial (HTML) Beginners guide to matrices and how they're used in the PlayStation 43Kb
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C that's free      
Can't C the forest for the trees because it's dark and you left you torch at home and there's a crazed hillbilly running around with a shotgun and a greased pig in a wetsuit?

Don't crush that dwarf, hand me the pliers.
Filename Description Size
Nada at the moment. Just you wait... Null, nought, nothing, no biscuits for you. Zilch
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