Version 0.1 of PS-ZX is now available, don't expect too much though It isn't very fast -> 30%-50% I reckon..

As I mentioned earlier sound emulation is still non-existant.

The Z80 emulation is slow, but almost complete.. I say almost as some stuff still doesn't run on it. I will shortly be starting the effort to convert the Z80 module over to MIPS ASM. should only take a week or two.

Screen handling - complete, and as fast as it will go, which is pretty fast, it currently only 5% of the time it takes the emulator to run for 1 frame.

I also need to devise a scheme to map the PSX controller onto the Spectrum's keyboard.. the most probable solution is to only support a few keys, and have joystick support, ie you'd be able to play games, but not much else. For this version the joypad has been mapped onto the right keys for the two games I have supplied

Sound emulation is currently non-existent.

The demo is Here!
Date: 5th Feb. 1998
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