Martin's Yaroze Site

Welcome to my site. Currently it just has a couple of crap 2d games (can I just emphasise the crap part there):

In case you haven't worked it out, I go for functionality not looks in my games. :) I'm not a graphics designer and I haven't spent much time on the graphics. Also, these games were Yaroze learning exercises, and I didn't do much in the way of pre-coding design and the like. In fact, I pretty much kept just thinking of other effects and things that I wanted to do and trying to bung them in (like: ooo, I wonder if I can make the stars twinkle). Now that I know what the yaroze is capable of I can approach my next projects in a more professional manner... maybe.

Some boring background for those that care: my background is in 3D rendering (ray tracing mostly, but also volume rendering and a bit of radiosity) and most aspects of virtual reality (in particular VR for very large scale models) - rendering, culling, collision detection, navigation and the like. I program using C, unix, win32 (cygwin), OpenGL, Direct-X and Direct-3D. I have a VR for win32/cygwin web page.

Martin Keates
ICQ: 75241211

Last updated 8/3/01