Hi. I have just recently joined the whole Yaroze thing, and it cost me a heap of money due to the poor exchange rate at the moment (I live in Perth, Western Australia). I have been toying around with 2D vector graphics with a view to writing a Thrust-style game. Paul Williams and I recently converted his game "BoulderDash" to the Yaroze in less than 24 hours. The game will be available here once I've added an interface, sound effects and new graphics. If YOU would like to draw the graphics for me, get in touch (see below)!
jason's home page
Visit my home page to find out about me and my interests (such as what I look like, and what MegaHAL means).
yaroze programming
Find out about my current Yaroze projects, including BoulderDash---a conversion of an old Amiga game.
yaroze ftp area
Download Yaroze software which I have written. The FTP area is empty at the moment, but check back soon!
get in touch
Please contact me if you want to design graphics, sound effects, or just comment on my work.
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