I now have a public mirror of this site simply to allow the other entrants from GDUK to have a look at the screen shots and stuff that none of us had access to.
Click here to go to the [public SWS mirror], or click here to go to the [Sony SWS with downloads].

This is a temporary resting place for the Shrew World Services web site. Moved from ~middex2 to free up the space for my university (plus I have always worried about it being accidentally deleted!) and will be moving again when I get my own Yaroze, pending moving out from my current residence. Along with the move, I must state that the new email that I asked people to use will be dissappearing sooner than anticipated - in two weeks. Therefore, my suggestion is to keep emailing me at my university account. See the [Personal Info] page for details.

Yes, the time has come after gduk and university and everything else to get back in charge of myself, and get producing programs again. It has been a while but I'm itching to get going again. The new [Project Work] page is part of this, so feel free to have a look.

This web site will forever be dedicated to my pet hamster, called Shrew This web site is now dedicated to my pet hamster, called Shrew, who sadly passed away between 31st June and 1st of July. As a pet hamster he was friendly and affectionate; constantly following people around rooms and trying to climb their legs. Here's hoping as far as he could be, he was happy.

If you are looking for a small distraction, visit [James Shaughnessy]'s web site and join in the gravitation competition that I seem to be winning at the moment! This time I've spelt his name correctly.

The guest book has been removed. Thanks for those who did use it though, it was quite interesting to know that people were looking at my site and stuff, but I'm now getting such a volume of email traffic that I know Im being noticed.

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Have A Laugh

OK, we all know that 666 is the Number of the Beast. But did you know that:

1 / 666
666 ^ (-1)
Windows 96-66
EN1 666
Route 666
666 F
666 mg
Lotus 6-6-6
6, uh... what was that number again?
= Chinese year of the Beast.
= Approval rating of the Beast, in a recent MORI poll.
= Number of the Australian Beast.
= Approximate number of the Beast.
= Roman numeral of the Beast.
= Number of the High Precision Beast.
= Number of the Millibeast.
= Beast Common Denominator.
= Binary of the Beast.
= Imaginary number of the Beast.
= Operating system of the Beast.
= Area code of the Beast.
= Post code of the Beast.
= Retail price of the Beast.
= Way of the Beast.
= Oven temperature for roast Beast.
= Annual wage of the Beast.
= Recommended Minimum Daily Intake of Beast.
= Spreadsheet of the Beast.
= CPU of the Beast.
= Number of the Blonde Beast.