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Welcome to the Net Yaroze home of noddybox, the home of some decidedly dull and ill-written Yaroze hacks. If you get bored of laughing at these you can also visit my normal homepage.

These pages may look a bit bare at the moment, but they are just here mainly so I post my GDUK 98 competition entry in time.


Currently available downloads. Note that these ZIP files can also picked up (as named here) from my FTP directory.

Download File
Hardwire (my GDUK 98 entry) - a tricky puzzle game. psx-hw.zip
Hardwire - the sources for my GDUK 98 competition entry. psxhwsrc.zip
Hardwire instructions in MS Word 7 format hardwire.doc
Hardwire instructions in ASCII text format hardwire.txt

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