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So, what's the score, then?

I've had my Yaroze since March 1998... so where's all the games then?  Well, my Yaroze arrived when I was in my second year of university, so I decided to concentrate on that instead.  I did a bit of coding on Yaroze here and there in that time (see my Background handling tutorial for proof!)

Now that i've graduated and got my head back together a bit , i've started Yaroze coding again!  Plus i'm coding some utilities to make designing games a bit easier - if you have the Java Development Kit (JDK), you can use TileMaster 2D Map Editor to design level maps

Where's the warez?

Well, heres the stuff i've done so far.  Hope it comes in useful!

My FTP area - Latest updates to Gravity Girl (working title!) etc are here.  Yep, it still gets updated from time-to-time - its been recoded from the ground up so I can use the code in other stuff :)

Background handling tutorial - The first tutorial i've written.  Ever.  So don't be scared, mail those (constructive!) criticisms to me!

Pixel-perfect collision detection tutorial, featuring offscreen sprite drawing!

NEW!! Java 2D Map editor 0.3!  This util makes it a bit easier to design 2D level maps!  Get version 1.2 or 1.3 of the Java Development Kit or the Java Runtime Environment from