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Welcome to the QMC Net Yaroze web page - Home to Pong '98 - By David Furber, Chris Sabin, Andreas Muller and Alan Huntley

Pong '98 is in the very early stages of development and is a port of the original pong. Official work on the PlayStation game started on the 17-7-98 by David Furber and Chris Sabin. It is all part of a GNVQ assignment for Advanced Information Technology. Other Members in the group include Alan Huntley and Andreas Muller. The assignment itself is not to create a PlayStation game but to form a group and to create a task that covers the performance criteria set out by the course.

We chose to make a PlayStation game with the Net Yaroze because it sounded like an exciting prospect. We, being myself (Dave) and Chris, the programmers of the group have had little experience with C or C++, however we have had programming experience in Turbo Pascal and VB. We intend to update this web page with every major development that is made. We are also including details of how we accomplish the task, so future students at QMC can recreate a similar assignment in the future if they wish.

As we are learning the Net Yaroze and how it works we chose to create Pong '98 for the following reasons:

So please visit this site again to see if there are any developments and if there is a public release of the game. We may we ask for help of sample code for certain things so please help us to meet our objective of a fun and effective game. Look out for the update log coming soon.

- Last update 14-7-98 David Furber (Head Technician of the group)

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