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My Background Info

I am 26 (JUST!!!!) and live in Nottingham. I work for Core Design (who are now part of EIDOS Interactive) as a producer. I have worked there for nearly 6 years now. Check my Homepage for more info! I've had my Yaroze for over a year, done nothing with it, about time for me to start I think! If I hassle people with questions etc, please don't mind, it's nothing personal, just me being lame!

Some people call me Spooky for some pretty obvious reasons which may or may not be sad!

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Core Design Info

Core are always looking for Programmers, Artists etc, so mail me to find out more!

We have developed many titles, including:

Tomb Raider 1 & 2

Fighting Force

Thunderhawk 1 & 2


Blam Machinehead!

Chuck Rock 1 & 2


Many many others....

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Contact Info

Mail me at:



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Useful Links (more to be added soon)

FTP Area

My HomePage

Del's Yaroze Site

Andrew Howe's Yaroze Site

Del's Handy WWW Page

Core's HomePage

EIDOS Interactive

Make sure U check Del's (Ninja coder from CORE) page, you may get some good stuff

If U want your URL adding mail me and I'd be happy to!

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