Thanks for visiting our brand new webspace.

Here you will find a lot of development stuff for your Net Yaroze®.

Some tools will be completly free, others will be shareware.

The distribution will be started when documentation is finished

Name Version Platform Description Status
GNU C/C++ 2.8.0 C/C++ Compiler with TARGET: Playstation® ECOFF
GNU bintutils 2.8.1 Binutils for GNU C/C++

Name Version Platform Description Status
bfd2x 0.9.6 converts bfd-files (standard-output of GCC) to PSX-EXE binaries
cpe2x 0.1.2 converts cpe-files to PSX-EXE binaries
bin2x 0.0.3 converts bin-files to PSX-EXE binaries

Name Version Platform Description Status
psxdasm 0.0.0 Disassembler for Playstation ® not available at moment

Name Version Platform Description Status
piocons 0.9.7 Parallel I/O Multipurpose Shell, which supports with CAETLA or EZORAY reflashed ActionReplay®- and GameBuster®- PC-Link® Sets
siocons - Serial I/O Mutlipurpose Shell, which supports the original Net Yroze® cable (siocons allows only 57.6 kbps in the actual version )

And that's not all. We are developing and planning a lot stuff at the moment: e.g.

2D Graphic Tools, 3D Graphic Tools, 3D Coding Tools , Audio Converter, Movie Converter, CD-ROM Generator.

So come soon back and never underestimate the power of Playstation® and LINUX.

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