Sorry, nothing indepth at the moment. I'm only really making this page so I can test something out with the Net Yaroze List SCEE cgi script, so "hush, don't tell anybody". I'm testing the NY cgi script (sort of) so I can see what the NY server does when you type in the wrong username, when registering your homepage. The reason for doing this is because I am working on a script to store and display individual user's info, in one big place, a bit like DEnnis Brinkhuis did. As you may know (from newsgroup talk) I've been working on this for about a week, though to start with it was going to be manually updated (with the aid of a VB prog I was making). However, after some talk in the newsgroup about using a cgi script, I decided to do some investigating into Perl and CGI. With some help from a great tutorial at CGI 101.com, ActivePerl - Perl for Win32 - and Perl Builder - a Windows IDE which uses a wizard to help write the CGI, simulates the input form from a ready made HTML one, and then outputs all that is "printed" by ActivePerl, which can then be viewed in a web browser (helpful for writing CGI scripts) - I have written most of the scripts I would use for the Active Member's List. No all I need to do is beg Sony SCEE NY for CGI support in my area. If that fails, I can always fall back on the VB method (though that's looking a bit dodgy, as I doesn't want to output HTML properly, though while writing this I've just thought of an idea which may solve it...). Overall, I suppose that is my excuse for not activating the form yet, as I'm hoping to make it self sufficient (using CGI).

There are currently two forms being considered: form 1 (NB: the radio buttons do not display correctly in Netscape, I'm working on fixing this though), and form 2 (helpfully submitted by Anrdew Murray).


In case anyone is at all bothered, other things I have been working on (unfortunately not much recently) are a set of wrapper functions and a Bomberman clone. The Bomberman clone has been planned since about March, and I got quite a bit of the engine working when I decided to stick in some player structures. However, the stupid type that I am didn't realise that I should have planned them from the start, and I ended up with code that didn't really work. So basically I decided to restart the whole thing and plan it better. I've now planned a lot of it, but have not got around to implementing it, mainly as I have been working on the wrapper functions. These wrapper functions that you hear soooooooo much about, are basically graphics loop simplifiers, and a couple of intialisation functions at the moment. I have also plonked in a GAME structure, which holds common (mostly graphics related) variables, such as screen size, OT, and PACKET stuff etc. I'm planning on some sound stuff (though I don't know much about this, it looks like there's not much to it, which works against me, as it means no-one needs the wrappers!), and possibly some pad stuff, although that has already been done by Matt Verran, so I may not bother.

Contact me at netyaroze@dircon.co.uk.