Demos and Games
On this page you will find links to all my Yaroze demos, games and programming utilities. There is also some PC utilities.
Date Description Platform 
9/12/98 New version of Bouncer 2. Fixed a few bugs, added some new features and a few cosmetic changes. Yaroze
4/9/98 Bouncer 2 - the final version with 30 levels and load/save game option. Yaroze
19/11/97 TMDDEMO - a multiple TMD object demo with fog effects, a real time clock, sound effects and object/viewpoint manipulation Yaroze
19/11/97 TMDVIEW - a TMD object viewer with depth cueing and object/viewpoint manipulation Yaroze
31/10/97 Bouncer 2 - latest version of my old ST game, still a lot to do though Yaroze 
30/9/97 Bouncer - conversion of a game I coded for the Atari ST, very early stage  Yaroze
30/9/97 Sprite viewer - view converted sprites on the Yaroze Yaroze
30/9/97 Sprite converter - convert STOS sprites to Yaroze format PC
30/9/97 Sprite file merger - merge several converted sprite files PC