Technical Notes


On this page you will find some technical notes which I have written. Any notes I write are not to be taken as official documentation on the subject. I write them primarily for myself as I find putting things down on "paper" helps to clarify what I think I know. You are welcome to use them and if you know better or find any mistakes please let me know.


Date Technical note Description
20/03/2000 SLE0012 Code profiler
26/10/99 SLE0011 Bouncer 2 cheats.
6/10/99 SLE0010 A look at the volatile keyword
6/10/99 SLE0009 A look at the const keyword
5/9/98 SLE0008 Updated document on memory cards.
4/9/98 SLE0007 GNU extension to the C language.
4/9/98 SLE0006 Useful compiler symbols (Updated).
11/11/97 SLE0005 How to use the D cache to improve program performance
30/10/97 SLE0004 An explanation of byte ordering
20/10/97 SLE0003 A brief description of ordering tables
8/10/97 SLE0002 Describes display and drawing environments
30/9/97 SLE0001 Describes double buffering