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Hi all!  As promised I have finally found the time to update this site and make available for download my first Yaroze game effort: TRACK N' NO FIELD, a screen shot of which is shown above.  This game has been in its current state (60% complete) for about a year now and, as it looks like I'll probably never get around to completing it, I've decided to release it.  It's fully playable, but only 1 player, and some of the menu options are not available (only Championship and Time Trial modes are present).  When I finish my current project (which is a Super Probotector-style game called BANE), I may go back to it and add a two-player mode amongst many other things.  For now though you can enjoy it as it stands.  Please remember to e-mail me with your thoughts and opinions.  

I hope you enjoy Track N' No Field.  I'll put the rest of my site back up shortly.  I'll also update my diary with a new entry about the MSc Computer Games Technology course I'm currently doing at the University of Abertay Dundee.  Until then, Happy New Year!

TRACK N' NO FIELD Information Box

Author: Steven Lewis
Contact Address:
Version Number: 0.6
Version Date: 7th January 2000
No. of Players: One
Controls: Hammer LEFT and RIGHT on the direction pad of controller 1 as fast as is humanly possible
Game Modes Available: Championship and Time Trial
Game Aim: To win a race and achieve the fastest time possible
Time to beat: 07.66 seconds
Source Code Available?: Yes, in zip file
DOWNLOAD: HERE, or by clicking on title image below

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ICQ #: 40785589

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