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  Welcome to the home page of Storm Tech Limited. This home page is a little bare and small as I have not really had the time to do anything fancy or complex. I am currently working on a large windows application in Delphi 3 and I can only grab a few hours at the weekends to mess around on the Yaroze. I am trying to dedicate more time to it but work just seems to take over.  
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  I have only managed to print some text in the centre of the screen at the moment, but I am hoping to have a go at placing a sprite on the screen and bouncing it off the sides of the screen. This lack of results is due to having to program 9 hours a day in pascal and trying to get to grips with the playstation library and C. I will keep trying to get round to spending more time.  
I am currently planning my first game, which is a conversion of a game that I wrote for the Amiga 1200 using Blitz Basic. It is a platform adventure set on a small island. It will be called 'Adventure Island'.