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Sorry, for the lack of content on my page! I intend to spend more time on the 'Net' side of the Net Yaroze, now I have something to contribute.

This whole Databug project is detailed from conception to demo in a huge report that I have just handed in for an MSc in Computer Aided Graphical Technology Applications at Teesside Uni.

I hope to make the report freely available to the Yaroze community, as it contains all the research, design, modelling and programming methods that went into the Databugs. I just can't work out how to publish 15Meg of Words, Pictures, Diagrams and Code on the netyaroze-europe server!

The demo available contains about 50% of the gameplay that was in the original databug game design document, the project deadline stopped me realising the 'full monty'.

I'm going to have a few weeks rest now, but I think I'd like to be part of a team for my next foray into computer gaming, any offers out there?

Thanks to all the Yarozers for the web sites and help in the newsgroups, and a big thanks to P.Passmore for publishing THE 3D Yaroze tutorial (I'd have had no idea how to approach the programming bits without it!)

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X = Accelerate

O = Brake

You can 'switch' tracks by using the left and right direction controls when the tracks are close together

Views are changed by using the L1,R1,L2,R2 buttons.

Game Concept

Ever wondered what really goes on inside your PC / Console when it's not in use? well this game explains all.

Small household insects polish up there scooters, dodgem cars, roller skates and ' gandy dancers' in order to compete for the prestigious award of Champion Databug.

It's slot racing taken to another dimension, have you got the nerve, timing and strategic mind to keep them on the rails?

Screen Shots

Please send me mail telling me what you think about the Databugs and how I might improve it.

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