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Middlesex Uni Yaroze course: Just got back - report is here - the next course is 21-25 September. If you've got a Yaroze, go on it.

I was looking for a CPU manual (memory map, registers, but mainly an opcode list) so I can piece together a Windows debugger to help out those who didn't get the Metroworks CodeWarrior. This is now a day closer to being thanks to Javier for his email - there are several other useful documents on his site too (deep meaningful matrices, vectors and 3D stuff). Of course, by the time I've actually got something done Sony will be releasing the PS5.

Game Idea: A Spyhunter clone, but using a 3D modelled top down view so that the camera can pan round during morphing changes, weapons upgrades, etc. Currently I have printed SpyHunter on to the screen, so see above for timescales.

Tip: For those on a budget - I have found that the Ray Dream Studio 5 package (about 100 pounds Sterling) can export 3D models in a DXF format that the Yaroze utilities can import OK. It does rather nice rendering for bitmap wallpapers too.

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The exes from the course are on my FTP file area. Have fun.
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