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12 August 2005.


1 August 2005.

Scott Cartier, author of Decaying Orbit, is working on porting more Net Yaroze games to NUON.

29 May 2005.

My psychic powers tell me you're looking for cheats for Rocks'n'Gems. Hmm . . ?

I knew it! Well, enter 68153461 as the password, and you'll enable the option to start the game on any level. And if that isn't amazing enough already, pause the game, hold select, and press cross - open exit, square - max dynamite, triangle - max time, or circle - max nitroglycerin. The true Rocks'n'Gems aficionado will also want to download the instruction manual.

12 May 2005.

Added links to Ben James' Psychon, Squeak, Katapila, and Shroud. Also, a scan from OPSM #85.

2 May 2004.

Yaroze stalwarts Matt Verran and John Prestidge have recently released the rather splendid Emotion for Net Yaroze and PAL mod-chipped PlayStation. Visit the Emotion site.

March 2004.

Official UK PlayStation Magazine: November 1995 – March 2004. RIP.

Wha-? Is it 2004 already? More content is on the way, promise. I know, the links on the left still aren't working (well, a few are). Stay tuned.

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SCEI Press Release 1996/05/10

SCEE Net Yaroze Video 6.97 MB (requires DivX codec)

SCEE Net Yaroze Brochure

SCEA Net Yaroze FAQ

SCEA Net Yaroze B-Roll 283 MB

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Official UK PlayStation Magazine #42 February 1999

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E190 July 2008
Class of 2000

E92 Christmas 2000
Generation Y

E41 January 1997
Do it yourself
The company line

E52 December 1997
Net Yaroze moves into second gear – and academia

E56 March 1998
Yaroze: let the games commence

E58 May 1998
Net Yaroze 1st Anniversary Game Competition:
Yaroze competition results / Yaroze winner speaks

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