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Good-day form Birmingham in the UK.


New (on 10th-October-2001). This is the second Obligator demo. Zero gravity ball game.

Click here to down-load "obligator_v798_pal.zip" (PAL version)

Click here to down-load "obligator_v799_ntsc.zip" (NTSC version)

TMD Diagnostic Routines.

You might find these diagnostic routines useful if you're creating TMD data within your program, at run time, like me.
(You could still use them if you pre-create your TMD data using a CAD package or whatever, provided the diagnostic routine is called after GsLinkObject4 since my diagnostic routines use absoulute addresses)
When I'm creating a new TMD object, there always seems to be some field I forget to set that stops the TMD data working properly, like forgetting to set the 'mode2' field in the primitive. So that's why I wrote these diagnostic routines.

These routines will spot a lot of errors and hopefully save you time pawing over the debugger.

If you have any suggestions on other checks that could be made to filter-out even more errors, please let me know and I'll try to include them. All comments on my routines welcome (except really nasty rude ones!)

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