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Rikku Bukkaa
Anime homepage
Registered: 15 Apr, 2007
Kenny M
Still checking out this place from time to time.
Registered: 10 Apr, 2007
Greg Cook
Nothing on my hamepage, but i'm still actively playing around. Fingers crossed this place stays alive for a while longer
Registered: 8 Jan, 2007
Mike Garcia
Hi there! happy mid 2005! Whoa! still going good to see... me :( not much.. but dame i learnt alot on the old yaroze all the best guys mgarcia
Registered: 5 Jun, 2005
Omar Metwally
Hey yaroze-mates, happy holidays.
My old & very very out of date yaroze website:

My personal website:
Registered: 31 Dec, 2004
Graeme E.
minicons siocons clone. GNU C++ etc.
Registered: 22 Dec, 2004
Marcus Bagshaw
OMG - I'm impressed Sony have kept the servers running. Nothing available yet, since I7m lazy and still searching for the IDE some guy produced in MFC. (why didn't I keep a copy)
Registered: 29 Jul, 2004
Ben James
Last ever magazine article added, boohoo! So long OPSM, see you at the Job Centre [hint]
Registered: 23 Feb, 2004
Armand Molinski
Hi, my PSX broke and I am no longer interested in programming for netyaroze. I anyone needs a BootCD, access card or CodeWarrior (and want to spend money for it) please send a mail to
Registered: 18 Feb, 2004
Another Italian PlayStation Programmer
Registered: 2 Sep, 2003
Terry Arnold II
Different projects from my wanna be software company Soul Soft. X-ninjas demo is available here.
Registered: 5 Jul, 2003
Andrew Murray
Updated the MilkShape RSD exporter.
Registered: 23 Mar, 2003
Chris Wallace
BreakDown is released and the score table is up for any who want to try and beat me at my own game :D New project details and an art section to come!
Registered: 15 Mar, 2003
Derek da Silva
Hello to the peeps below. Drop by the forum sometime and say hi!
Registered: 9 Jan, 2003
James Wright
Nothing at all, Just registering in because I am starting to do some development again
Registered: 9 Jan, 2003
Carl Graham
Setting up again
Registered: 5 Jan, 2003
Javier Ventoso
Max2Rsd Exporter Plug-In updated for MAX 4 (updated by Steve Parnell (~arkitekt))
Registered: 9 Sep, 2002
Nick Ferguson
No update I'm afraid but that's because I have lost my NY boot disc. NO! If anyone would be willing to lend / sell me their NY boot disc please get in touch at Will pay decent £££ for one!
Registered: 21 Aug, 2002
Nigel Critten
A major overhaul, should be easier on the eyes now, The diary will start when I decide on the game and then its an 8 week job to see how far I can get
Registered: 2 Jul, 2002
Luca Rapalli
The best ITALIAN site for Yaroze !! We teach and learn all about PlayStation !!!
Registered: 27 Mar, 2002
John ( QuietBloke )
Can you believe how long I have been working on BugSPlat ?. Anyways.. the site now contains animated gifs of the current state of play for the game sprites. OK.. so its not much.. but its progress right ?
Registered: 18 Jan, 2002
Brian Warner
Code and Dissertation from the final year project of my Open University Masters Degree that evaluates the UCPOP Artificial Intelligence Planning Algorithm against a Dynamic Environment.
Registered: 29 Dec, 2001
Chris Wallace
Hi! Just a couple of screenshots in the projects section!
Registered: 3 Dec, 2001
DEnnis Brinkhuis
TeamParc has moved on. Still very much alive we are now developing games for PalmOS. Much better distribution options but much more limited as well. Are you interested in PalmOS games development? You can mail us on
Registered: 21 Oct, 2001
Robert J.
!Don't Enter!, i just want to appear on the list again.
Registered: 17 Oct, 2001
Jon Prestidge
Obligator (new as of 10 Oct 2001).
Registered: 10 Oct, 2001
Mark Naylor
Hi one and all, just thought i would see if this is working or not and say Hi :)
Registered: 21 Sep, 2001
Registered: 2 Sep, 2001
Peter Armstrong
I've put up some info on root counters, plus some functions for timing code.
Registered: 31 Aug, 2001
Greg Cook
Nothing there right now, but soon i hope, ive been watching for a while now, so now its time to do something.
Registered: 29 Aug, 2001
Matt Verran
New game online: pingping
Registered: 28 Aug, 2001
James Burns
Just a small update, haven't got the downloads on ftp yet.
Registered: 16 Aug, 2001
Hi - Its back up and running
Registered: 16 Aug, 2001
Registered: 30 Jul, 01
o Martin Keates
a couple of versions of connect-4 and banjo invaders now uploaded.
Registered: 11 Mar, 01
o Harv's Workshop
I've finally had the opportunity to redo my site from scratch.
Also added some new pages and updated most of the old content,
please check it out and let me know what you think :)
Registered: 29 Jan, 01
o Pete
Guess what I just found under my bedF (Apart from the...ahem...obvious) An old hard-drive from my uni days which contained some of the worst course-work you've ever seen. Still it had some of my old website on it (Yay, man, Yay) but no games (Figures!).
I've uploaded it for now but it needs a serious revamp, preferably with a flame-thrower. Some demos coming soon...honest!
BiG HuGz, Pete
Registered: 07 Jan, 01
o Shaun Gibson
Small update of break3D, new tutorials area, but still quite bare
Registered: 02 Jan, 01
o Steven Lewis
NEW GAME AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD - TRACK N' NO FIELD, and I've finally updated my site as well!
Happy New Year to all of you.
Registered: 27 Dec, 00
o Cookie Jar
Nothing Yet, not even a page! by something soon hopefully.
Registered: 11 Dec, 00
o Bob Shand
I've uploaded the Generation Y article, from this months Edge Click here to see it
Registered: 09 Dec, 00
o Andy Partington
Update - TileMaster 0.3 2D Map Editor
- User-definable output format
- Can handle virtually any size tiles
- written in Java for platform independance reasons
Now available from my FTP area!
Registered: 12 Nov, 00
o Wayne Mike ,AKA dappa
Registered: 28 Oct, 00
o Ed Fear
Believe it or not baby, I'm back. Just a description of where I've been for the past 1 and a half years.
Registered: 23 Oct, 00
o James Fu
Shooting prototype and Particle System
Registered: 19 Oct, 00
o Jon Stanley
I still exist and am alive and well!! =]
Registered: 23 Sep, 00
o Robert Swan
just thought id say hi to show there are people around still looking :)
Registered: 22 Sep, 00
o Robert Swan
just thought id say hi to show there are people around still looking :)
Registered: 21 Sep, 00
o Richard Smithies
Small update, but I hope to get some decent W95/Yaroze tools up soon.
Registered: 13 Sep, 00
o robert anderberg
nowt at the moment
Registered: 12 Sep, 00
The Yaroze page that links directly to our main site.
Remember to send all comments my to Marc or Matt!!
Registered: 07 Sep, 00
o sandinista
err , this is just to show I exist..
Registered: 04 Sep, 00
o Lars Barstad
Registered: 04 Sep, 00
o George Bain
Hello there all...we are alive again!
Registered: 01 Sep, 00
o Scotte
First update of the new year. A code profiler and
example complete with source code. Check out the
"new stuff" section.
Registered: 20 Mar, 00
o Eddie's NY hompage
This is my first attempt at a web page so come in
and download my game and stuff:)
Registered: 27 Feb, 00
o Robin Asa Mangham
New Game ready for download.
Check out Blockout.
Registered: 24 Feb, 00
o Stuart Macdonald
New look site! Plus first concept images of the GamesWire competition project...
Registered: 17 Feb, 00
o Un coin d'hexagone (enfin quelque chose)
Ici on parle français.
Et enfin on va pouvoir trouver une première version de la bibliothèque 2D dont j'avais parlé précédemment, avec une petite documentation.
Registered: 14 Feb, 00
o Sarah Edwards
One day my work will blow you away!
Like I said... One day...
Registered: 05 Feb, 00
o Perfect Creatures
Hey everyone. I gave my site a new look because some people complained about that. Come take a look and read the COLLISION DETECTION TUTORIAL which is very handy.
And please mail me if you're from Belgium.
Bey for now everyone!!
Registered: 30 Jan, 00
o Phil Gould
Nothing major -
kewl 3d linx
projects section updated
Registered: 08 Jan, 00
o CoolFusion Developments
Happy New Year everybody.
Web Site given face fift. New beizer based demo info soon.
Registered: 05 Jan, 00
o stevox
ce n est qu un debut...mais vous trouverez ici des traductions de tutorials ainsi que quelques explications pour vous aider à comprendre
Registered: 04 Jan, 00
o Lazar Vukovic
Registered: 01 Jan, 00
o Cebix' Home Page
Focus on development under GNU/Linux. Contains a tutorial on setting up GCC as a cross-compiler for Net Yaroze development under Linux.
Registered: 05 Dec, 99
o Tom 
Sorry about that last update, it was a bit naff all things considered.
Still, I've put up the (nearly completed) new look site now so sit back and bask in the glory of JavaScript
Registered: 17 Nov, 99
o Rikki Prince
Updated the page to tell ya'll about what I'm upto. This is after the test the message on the site mentions, so now I sort of know what's going on, it seems like time to e-mail SCEE (if they're still about ;)
Registered: 27 Oct, 99
o Tim Harvey
Siocons and CodeWarrior versions of Databugs now available from my homepage, hope you enjoy it. Please let us know what you think of my first computer game.
Registered: 16 Oct, 99
o Team Parc
Registered: 14 Oct, 99
o James Ogden
Its taken me ages to get round to coding a
demo, even though I've had my Yaroze for over a
year, but here it is at last. Not a game yet, but
a sort of (embryonic stage) 2D arbitrary polygon
collision detection/physics engine thing with a
few bugs that I hope to sort out over the next
week or so.
Registered: 03 Oct, 99
o Chris Chadwick
Oh dear, I seem to have forgotten how to type!
Registered: 30 Sep, 99
o Rob Ryan
Still here.. sort of. Just a few little holding
pages till the new year when I'll be back with a
new and improved NYoosletter and perhaps even a
demo that _doesn't_ play like utter pants.
Registered: 30 Sep, 99
o David Johnston
"UP" v1.1 is finished. UP is simple, addictive and now supports up to four players.
Eight if you include computer opponents. Now ready to download!
Registered: 28 Sep, 99
o Edward Cawley
GIT - a four player arcade-style puzzle game featuring a bit of 3D graphics and even a short FMV. This is my first game for Net Yaroze and my first C program.
Registered: 14 Sep, 99
o Derrick Bailey
NY Pad Update!, My first NY Game/Demo called:
WAR is now available for download, come check it out!.
Registered: 13 Sep, 99
o Mac's Yaroze Page
4 player snake now available in NTSC
Registered: 07 Sep, 99
o bwashburn
Home of POWA GAMES! U.S.A. great games for Windows/direct-x and NET YAROZE!
Registered: 30 Aug, 99
o Alan Marshall
At last you can play the eagerly awaited early
test no-where near finished (but playable)
version of
Tower Power 1250 Tournement Edition, which I've
been working on since Christmas!
Registered: 26 Aug, 99
o Marco Ressler
Just a test. But there will be shooting game soon!
Registered: 19 Aug, 99
o Aaron Gandaa
BlaiseTech Computer Entertainment Home Page, IONStorm Beta Download[still the same beta from last time], Aaron Gandaa's resume..
Registered: 04 Aug, 99
o Laurent Pontet
Nothing here execpt the AniMotion Library, whith is indeed good enough to take a look at it.
Registered: 31 Jul, 99
o Anthony Ross
Getting to grips with coding 2D stuff at the moment.
ScreenShot of my second project Bubble Trouble
(after ditching my breakout clone at the half-way mark)
Registered: 30 Jul, 99
o Dexter's Flash Intro :-)
No source yet but felt compelled to make my presence felt...still lookin' for more Irish Yarozers. ( This site requires Shockwave )
Registered: 27 Jul, 99
o Storm Tech
Simple homepage at the moment, will update when got more time away from work.
Registered: 23 Jul, 99
o Jack Hider
Basic home page set up
Registered: 02 Jul, 99
o Andreas Schrattenecker
UPDATED: digital filters
NEW: Real-Time, Continous Level of Detail Rendering of Height Fields
im sorry if someone is waiting for the binaries,
but actually i have absolute no time (examinations, work), but
they will come !!
Registered: 26 Jun, 99
o Jonnathon Tann
It's been there, like it is now, for a long time. I just want to see if registering it here adds my name to the members list in the link above ;)
Don't worry, it's supposed to take you to an alternative site address :)
Registered: 23 Jun, 99
o Antonio M.
Hi you. Because I can't update this home, try to check this.
Click Here
Registered: 08 Jun, 99
o Scott Ward
Still need help so nothing's new there.
Registered: 07 Jun, 99
o Jason Spreadborough
Hello again! its been a while.
Added my info page. It has lots of information on 3D TOD animation stuff check it out! please
Registered: 25 May, 99
o Danone
Put on the Net a preliminary documentation of DANoneSKELetons for Clarion for Windows.
Registered: 13 May, 99
o Biefstuk
Registered: 10 May, 99
o Rupert Vandervell
New site. By a beginner, for beginners.
Not much at the moment, but watch this space.
Registered: 09 May, 99
o Herbs (Alex Herbert ~teapot)
Updated. *New* - Old Stuff (pre SuperBub)
Registered: 27 Apr, 99
o Darksome Green
If you use the standard VAB file (std0.vh/vb or genmidi.vh/vb), you should load them off the CD. See my example code to find out how.
Also ClutAdd.
Registered: 21 Apr, 99
o James Rutherford (~mrfrosty)
A superb opportunity surfaces - read the Mini-FAQ here or on Nick's page.
If you ain't done so already, check out the Edinburgh Photos and Blaise Tech's game.
Registered: 16 Apr, 99
o So Called Software
Just started developing for the PSX so nothing new here.
Stay tuned though, you'll never know what'll appear.
Registered: 14 Apr, 99
o Daniel Hartmeier (
1999.04.09 updated homepage, added first project for download.
Registered: 09 Apr, 99
o ScoTT Campbell
Beginners' Resources
Video Poker Simulator is available for download
Registered: 06 Apr, 99
o Warren Khan
This is where I keep my woes. Currently a half finished puzzle game called "Divide and Conquer" and the "Feet of Flame Massacre" - Do you G-Con45FF
Registered: 06 Apr, 99
o Robert Paul
Diary updated!
Registered: 06 Apr, 99
o peter black
Updated with a couple of pretty demos
just to let people know that I'm
still alive
much more comming very soon
well don't hold your breath
Registered: 05 Apr, 99
o Andy Noble
Manic Miner for the Play Station :)
Registered: 03 Apr, 99
o Mark McLachlan
Beginner programmer. Nothing as yet, but trying to convert a mates version of tetris that he coded a while back, onto the PSX format.
Registered: 30 Mar, 99
o Andrew Hurley
Just got it look here soon
Registered: 25 Mar, 99
o Gareth
Just to prove I didn't buy a 'doorstop' as someone
seems to think, here's my first demo. I will soon have
details of my first game, but I'll let you know...
Registered: 15 Mar, 99
o Old School Warriors
OSW. Now trying to create some game (wahaha!!)
Tokyo 2060 now in development. Wait for screenshots.
In english and japanese.
(under construction, sorry)
Registered: 15 Mar, 99
o Beaker's Homepage
Home of EXON
Updated every Sunday
Registered: 14 Mar, 99
o Brock Manfield
Sorry, nothing as of yet.
Registered: 13 Mar, 99
o Paul Ackland
Nothing yet.
Registered: 09 Mar, 99
o Donncha Ryan
Registered: 09 Mar, 99
o Mick Theaker
First beta version of my simulation game Plague.
Early days but loads more to come.
Check out my home-page for full details.
Registered: 05 Mar, 99
o Rad 
I've finished my real-time fire effect demo,
if anyone wants to check it out.
Registered: 01 Mar, 99
o FDevelopment
Update relase 0.5 of game now available.
Registered: 24 Feb, 99
o James Shaughnessy
Just another Sound Byte update, and a little bit of news.
Registered: 23 Feb, 99
o Roland
A 3D car racing demo available for download here. If you already have a previous version of 'RYE', this one has new colors which make it look nicer (hopefully :-).
Registered: 19 Feb, 99
o Tones
Ooohhh look! Some nice little GIFS to look
at. Now maybe I should finish the games! 8)
Registered: 17 Feb, 99
o Nick Slaven
Registered: 06 Feb, 99
o Mitchell Münter
Not much yet but there will be soon.
Registered: 24 Jan, 99
o Paul Collyer
Nothing yet, just introducing myself!
Registered: 20 Jan, 99
o Eric Mourant
Registered: 19 Jan, 99
o Peter Wright
My new site is up and coming along slowly. Check it out for a neat TIM to Header converter, as well as smooth animated (kinda) plasma with wave lines effect
Registered: 14 Jan, 99
o Richard Sum
Welcome to SumTV. Come on in and marvel at the design. Soon to add a Net Yaroze Project Page
Registered: 07 Jan, 99
o Emmanuel Achimugu
Gallix1.0 now available for download....
Come and try it. Guess whatF
It's Free!!!!!!!!!!!
Registered: 01 Jan, 99
o Craig Graham
Merry Christmas, and a happy New Year.

The new release of RsdANIM (v1.6) is as promised,
avaiable for download on my page now. Enjoy...
Registered: 28 Dec, 98
o Andrew Small
Nothing new on my page, but have a quick look at the demos on there if you haven't done so before.
Idea for 99 is to dynamically decompress pictures to Yaroze games can have more luscious bitmaps than you'd be able to fit in normally. If this as successful as the 98 project, don't hold your breath (unless you're already a zombie).
Best wishes for the New Year.
Registered: 24 Dec, 98
o Daniel M Johnson

Complete game for downloading!

Good Graphics, well worth the download.
Registered: 21 Dec, 98
o Peter D
New Download
Get / Put Pixel Demo
Merry Christmas to all !!!
Registered: 12 Dec, 98
o Steve Dunn
Due to overwhelming demand, the article 'Using Developer Studio for GCC makefiles' (or whatever I called it) has been UPDATED! (well, the pictures put back anyway). Hope you'll both find the article useful.
Seeya in another 6 months.
Registered: 08 Dec, 98
o Mark Theyer
Australian PlayStation and 3D Graphics Programmer.
Built a portable game engine and model formats for
cross platform game development. Has an OpenGL based interactive visualisation tool and conversion tools for fast game prototyping.
Registered: 30 Nov, 98
o Peter Passmore
Rough translation of some of the German World of PlayStation article (the photos can be found on Chris Chadwick's site below) can be found
here. Actually they invite game submissions from readers, but will they take non-German ones…
Registered: 27 Nov, 98
o Jared Nagle
they are pritty plain
Registered: 27 Nov, 98
o Darren Jackson
sorry..another day by day account of a new yaroze programmer fumbling his way through his first game
Registered: 26 Nov, 98
o Dean McCabe
2D demo
Rough version of my BugZ game...collect crystals,
stomp BugZ,blah, blah...
Its a bit wierd...
Registered: 22 Nov, 98
o Karl Sigiscar
You can now download the prototype of Jungle Crusade, a 3D arcade game project.
Registered: 17 Nov, 98
o Steev
HTML version of library reference v1.1 available
on-line and for download, if anyone's interested...
Registered: 15 Nov, 98
o Tanvir Khan
Hi there! Here's my new page.
Registered: 13 Nov, 98
o Jason Spreadborough
Formaly known as Middlesex University 1. Pages updated and first demo is actually available for download.
Registered: 12 Nov, 98
o Richard Cutting
Update to the new game 'Free Gorf'. All game graphics totally revamped, plus enemies can now shoot back !
Registered: 07 Nov, 98
o Ben Darlow
A case-study in wasting time, but looking pretty at the same time.
Maybe you could say hi to be *friendly*...
Registered: 27 Oct, 98
o Martin Frank
R&D with Net Yaroze
Registered: 26 Oct, 98
o Jeff Hannan
Now you can download the source code to 'The House Of Hair Out'. Could life get any betterF
You'll have to visit my ftp directory (and get ''), because my home page seems to be corrupted - unless its just my browser.
Registered: 25 Oct, 98
o Andrew Hanley
Deicated to making games with gameplay...not just graphics!
Registered: 23 Oct, 98
o Philippe MOREAU
I love PARIS
Registered: 16 Oct, 98
o Dr. Steven Collins
...I've just added the most recent images of my car driving demo and included info on a new adaptive level-of-detail landscape algorithm which works well.
Registered: 29 Sep, 98
o paul harvey
Site updated again! ECTS Quicktime VR movie!!
Add your profile to the members list..!
Registered: 19 Sep, 98
o Little Studio
Download YarozeMaster V2.1!
Graphical IDE with Action Replay support!.
Compatible with Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0.
Registered: 13 Sep, 98
o Ian Cowburn
Finally posted something to my site (my game
Hardwire). Feel free to take sources, split them
up and guffaw at the coding.
Registered: 05 Sep, 98
o Charles Chapman
Well I finally got round to putting up a page.
Download Total Soccer Yaroze ECTS demo...
Registered: 01 Sep, 98
o Steve Randerson
Download the current version of my game.
The stunningly titled "Rolling Ball Game".
Which I'm entering in the GDUK competition.
Registered: 28 Aug, 98
o Regan Russell (Australia)
Work in progress.
Registered: 25 Aug, 98
o Mike Davis
I'll be putting something here soon, I promise!
Registered: 24 Aug, 98
o Chris Ramirez
Well hey I am only a 14 yr old Net Yaroze member!
Registered: 21 Aug, 98
o Jon Watson
Killer Libraries before the year is out - Potential dev kit beaters....
Registered: 21 Aug, 98
o Che-Guevara
Um, indeed.
**Update soon!**
Registered: 19 Aug, 98
o The french Touch
une page tout en francais ,
mon premier programme pour la yaroze
c'est ici
Registered: 07 Aug, 98
o John Whitmore
Latest download of my 2D shoot 'em available now!
Registered: 24 Jul, 98
o Toby Hutton
It's that time of the month. No, not that time of the month.
Registered: 22 Jul, 98
o Paul Bircham [Doodle]
Reply to accusation of plagiarism
Registered: 20 Jul, 98
o Mike Beard
My first dealings with Yaroze. Some basic sprite demos with comments.
Have Fun!!!
Registered: 16 Jul, 98
o Dave Smethurst
Arrgh ! Another update (to fix a couple of probs)
Anyway - enjoy till version 0.3 is ready !
Registered: 12 Jul, 98
o Diotallavi Emanuele
Update,Mobile suit Flying in 3D Space......
Registered: 12 Jul, 98
o Andrew J. Stevens
My Net Yaroze Web Site. It has info on me and my projects.
Registered: 09 Jul, 98
o David Worswick
Games in development..
Registered: 08 Jul, 98
o QMC 
College experiments with NET YAROZE.
Registered: 08 Jul, 98
o Brice de Saint Hilaire
My Net Yaroze Home Page
Registered: 08 Jul, 98
o R Fred Williams
Pushy II for the Playstation. What more could you possibly ask forF
Registered: 04 Jul, 98
o James Chow
Library to Load and Save to Memory Cards here!
And can DEnnis please try not to be clever
and make everyone's description text BLUE.
Registered: 02 Jul, 98
o Troy Horton
Any good coders or artists that are experienced in 3D, mail me for potential job openings at Core Design. Maybe I'll start up my Yaroze soon and actually try to do something. oh oh oh oh!!!!
I'll get a decent'ish site here too soon!
Registered: 01 Jul, 98
o Jason Hutchens (AKA MegaHAL)
I am an Australian, and a proud Amiga owner.
Current projects are:
Click the link for more info!
Registered: 29 Jun, 98
o Kevin Rugman
A new Game to rival R.Type... NOT.
In development. Going well though have a look.
Registered: 28 Jun, 98
o kingbree
Here a little something I knocked together to let
you know I'm about.
I'll have V1 of the demo up very soon.
Registered: 28 Jun, 98
o Dan Hunter
Every one has to start some where and I start here
Registered: 17 Jun, 98
o Shadow Univers
R.P.G. (made in France)
Registered: 16 Jun, 98
o NetYaroze! - DREAM! AsC/Nowadays
- Homepage added!
- vTIM released (also sourceCode available)
- cTIM released (also sourceCode available)
well, have a look and enjoy! Yan
Registered: 09 Jun, 98
o Christoph Lürig
There are some updates to Pandora's Box,
that make the game more smoothly.
Registered: 06 Jun, 98
o Jan-Lieuwe Koopmans
I'm going to stuff this area with great games and stunning demo's...
But hey! Right now it's still empty.
Registered: 31 May, 98
o James Tait
Just another mirror of my site at Middlesex Uni, the difference being I'm likely to still have this one after the end of June.1You'll find nothing Yaroze-related here yet, since coursework demands have prevented me from spending any time programming my expensive doorstop, but give me a few months and I'm sure it'll still have no Yaroze-related content.1I will customise this page at some point, just to make it different from all my others so all you lucky Net Yaroze members get an exclusive site from me. Oh joy....1Look out here for Java MUD, Java MUD Client, Java Invaders (spot a theme yetF), an interactive HTML tutorial (see, fooled ya!) and, seriously this time, hopefully some decent Yaroze stuff in the near future.
Registered: 29 May, 98
o Nicholas Piacun
just about me and my playstation
Registered: 21 May, 98
o Jim 
The Map Editor We Used In Z2 Is Now Available To Download.
Registered: 19 May, 98
o John Ward
ok..ok...This time for definite...
Source and object for a simple space invader game
(go on have a go - its only a 20k download!)
Registered: 16 May, 98
o Paul Taylor (Taz)
My attempts at writing Playstation games!
Registered: 16 May, 98
o Wayne Hanley
My current projects and other stuff I'm upto!
Registered: 13 May, 98
o Harley Ware
Registered: 10 May, 98
o Dan Westlake
My Embronic Yaroze site may yet grow.....
Registered: 28 Apr, 98
o Shanawaz Basith
Registered: 23 Apr, 98
o Henrik Pilegaard
General Issues Regarding Game Programming and Especially AI
Registered: 14 Apr, 98
o Yep Luen (Alan) Yuen
Got something here at last
Registered: 04 Apr, 98
o Gabriel Torregiani
Nothing yet. But when it comes it will make Resi 2 look like cheesy the mouse.
Registered: 04 Apr, 98
o Ramon De Abreu Ventoso
Download my boulderdash clone game (source included) and my 3D basketball game
Registered: 28 Mar, 98
o Nigel Atkinson
Anyone tried to do any "real" development with one of these. The Java for Net yaroze home.
Registered: 25 Mar, 98
o Paul Sheehan
coming soon to a browser near you......
Registered: 23 Mar, 98
o Ivan
Programming games
Registered: 22 Mar, 98
o Gary Dowling
Just got my Yaroze last week, and logged onto this
site over the weekend. So, here is my little homepage.
Registered: 18 Mar, 98
o Doug Day
(Contains EDGE competition entry)
Registered: 12 Mar, 98
o Dirk Respondek
Registered: 11 Mar, 98
o Sidhe Interactive
We are up and running with a totally revamped website.
Info on our company, our current project Chronicle, and other stuff are just waiting to be accessed.
Registered: 11 Mar, 98
o James Hobden
I have uploaded "Sam The Boulderman", nothing great, but check it out anyway.
Registered: 10 Mar, 98
o Herbert's SCEE NetYaroze Home Page
10 Most Wanted
PlayStation TOP 30
NetYaroze TOP 10
About - Past, Present & Future
... and a little more.
Registered: 09 Mar, 98
o Nathan Young
It's dull and boring but it's finally been uploaded.
No downloads just yet though!
Registered: 01 Mar, 98
o loonybits
Loony Bits Home Page
Registered: 01 Mar, 98
o Michael Voegeli
Link to my hypercool Multi Vitamine site, which
contains more hyperlinks to even cooler sites.
Net Yaroze related content in progress...
Registered: 16 Feb, 98
o Linkoping university, Andreas Bjorklind
Short desciption of intended use in courses at Linkoping university. And a link collection.
Registered: 01 Feb, 98
o Owen Gunter
Update of the WinHelp version of the Library reference.
Over 250 topics, there are just a few function calls left to document.
Left me know of any serious errors or general comments.
The next release will probably be the last one for some time!!!
Registered: 27 Jan, 98
o Michael Enoch
I've got a job, find out when and where, and that's about it. This means I won't be reading the newsgroups very often, so mail me instead.
Registered: 23 Jan, 98
o Lars Rikart Jensen, Denmark
There even is a Yaroze guy in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Info about job as Playstation programmer in Denmark.
Registered: 14 Jan, 98
o TITR, Wollongong University
Multiplayer network games research.
Registered: 05 Jan, 98
o James Banks
Sorry but there's hardly anything to read or download. I will update it ASAP.
Registered: 04 Jan, 98