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A Landscape(race) routine


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  • landscape (PSX)
  • editor (Win)


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  1. dynamic tmd-generation (of course)
  2. A method building up non-planar-quad-meshes with quads -60% more performance
  3. MIPMAPING - with 64x64x8 Textures to 8x8x8 Textures. yes it is possible to implement mipmaping by software (which is as good as the N64-hardware-mipmaping), and - additional faster drawing as without mipmaping
  4. a real-time pre backface-culling - more performance
  5. digital filters for smooth viewing and smooth motion
  6. 512x256x16 resolution with 50 Frames/s
  7. A windows-prog for editing landscapes(levels) - with OpenGL pre-viewing
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Andreas Schrattenecker

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