p r o j e c t s

Mem Card Test Program

Shows the icons, saves a file, read files etc.

I want an opinion on the strange behavior
If you switch cards the icons change but everything else
is from the original card, files name, directory length everything
if you have the access card in slot 0 when you run you won't
get any list at all.... this is really odd

(This doesn't work with PSComUtils you need to use SIOCONS)

MemCard.zip (2k)

This is the new scrolly demo with bouncy scroller.

Title page

L1 - quits
Select - Information

D-Pad controls the sprite
Select - Pause (X or Start to restart)
L3 (analog trigger) Quits to Title page (must be in Analog mode)

Scrolling, parallaxing demo

The first files are now available, they are from 1998 when I first got my Yaroze,
I thought I had lost these, but I was going through some old CD backups and
found them I was VERY happy, they were only test routines to try a few things
out but worth a look... remember they are 3 years old.

Space Harrier Test

Routine Test

u t i l i t i e s

X Cutter v2.02
An advanced graphics tool that can be used to strip boxed sprites into a single file,

and will out put *.TIMs, convert TuME Maps to work on the Playstation, will convert screen shots into tiles and maps,
a very nice routine if you are doing a conversion.

I just wish I could let you have it now but its been rushed so a friend could use it on a project, the tile ripper part doesn't work 100% so I had to write a Blitz version which is a lot slower, C version 5secs, Blitz version 5 mins :(

I'm currently looking into exporting TIMs


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