27th November 2004: This is becoming a habit, but at least this year I'm almost a month early :) and not much of an excuse this year, had the second year of college for my electrical course which finished in July, and I'm happy to say that I passed with 2 distinctions, these go nicely with the 2 I got for Part 1, I'm just putting the finishing touches to my Inpection and Testing course with the exam coming up this week then its all over, this is something I should have done 15 years ago but at the time I thought I had a wonderful career in computer games ahead of me and the electrical job was just a stop gap, so far its a 16 year stop gap ;) with a few part time games and films thrown in. Still I think I can now use my spare time to produce interesting little games, the publisher of Removal Man is talking about a console version and sequel, which would be nice, the plans I have for the console version go way beyond a simple conversion, lets just hope it comes off, I'm really pushing for PSP versions because I know they are getting devkits in the new year of the PSP and DS. As I have mentioned time and again I want to do my 8 week project, and I think early next year I will be able to do it.

16th December 2003: Oh the shame very nearly a whole year between updates, its not good but I do have an excuse, I've been busy, finished Removal Man and its on sale in the shops (GAME) I've not thought about the 8 week project yet but I'm still interested in doing it. All my current work is basically for myself so I can do things like the 8 week project without worrying. The biggest drain on my time is college after 15 years I decided to go back to school and its a struggle but this is my second year which is alot harder than the first.

I have a number of ideas for the 8 week project, but I would like to do Paradroid or Uridium on the Yaroze.

22nd December 2002: Another long time between updates but things are going better on the PC game now, Manor Remover its turning out well having some nice gameplay elements from the old Wally series... The diary will start when I start the 8 week project... no decision on which game to do yet.

Going to do an update over Christmas

28th July 2002: Still not started on the new project, told you it could take a month to decide on a game, I'd like to do Spy vs Spy at some point, or Pacmania... still not sure.

1st July 2002 : New project, new web design. Time to get a Yaroze game finished, I've now completed my PC Budget game and I've put the second one on hold for a few weeks so I can get something done for the good old Yaroze, I'm going to set myself a dead line and see if I can write a game in 8 weeks, that should give me just enough time to complete a game before I have other comitments in the evening (I'm going back to college to get some learning, apparently I'm now a mature student, they will soon change their minds when they meet me, mature. hah..). right 1st day need to decide on a project, this step alone could take a month.

Also new Diary.



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