Just a few (hundred) ideas as and when I get them, it helps later on to see what I was thinking
at the time, I won't go into any detail on the projects mainly because unlike
traditional convension I don't like to plan out every little piece of a game
its then like painting by numbers there is no feeling to the game/painting
you are just following a set of rules and if you come up with something
cool there is no room in the game for it... bring back the good old days.


Having seen this on the Gameboy and it looks very nice, shame it takes 20minutes to get through the menus :(

The 3D game I'm working on for the PC would be an ideal control method for a 3D Spy vs Spy


A game I've always fancied a go at ever since I played the original is Little Computer People
now as Little Console People, but still House on a Disc, I think I will use the original house blue prints and maybe introduce new houses and your LCP can have friends round that sort of thing. The biggest challenge will be the keyboard but I have a plan to get over this.

Roy Rooster Super Slueth

This is a game I started working on with a friend back in '98 it was a 3D platform game in the style of Mario 64, It was originally pushed as a Dreamcast title and Sega loved it but the programmer went off to uni, and the project just came to a stop so I think I'll revive it, it might end up as a 2D platformer rather than a 3D one but we will see, once I've got a Yaroze game under my belt I might play around with a 3D engine, maybe a PS2 - Linux project it would be interesting to do something in 3D on that rather than another 2D game. If I don't do Roy as a 2D platformer then add a 2D Platformer to my list, Fire & Ice or Ruff n Tumble on the Amiga are very nice, not forgetting Mario World


So many projects so little time... erm so little talent...

This has to be one of my favourite arcade games yes its old yes the graphics are less than
sophisticated, but the game play is just so nice, shouldn't be a huge job either, or at least that's what I think.

An old game that I've wanted to convert for a LONG time,
I loved the Paradroid and Uridium they still occupy my
time on the emulators today, I loved the Amiga version
of Uridium as well but was less happy with Paradroid 90,
still a brilliant version but it was stuck with a vertical scroller
because of the ST version, the PS version would be closer to
the C64 version, much closer in fact, the thrill of hurtling round
a corner only to find a big bugger of a robot waiting for you still
haunts me to this day :)

Staying with C64 WIZBALL say no more

I've also started using the Pi symbol all over the place for remakes makes it sound and look better
than sticking the year after the title, plus the speed I write these games its hard to know which year
it will be released :)

Sector 73

This is the game I started when I first got the Yaroze and I've had so many ideas it seems a shame to abandon it.

I'm looking for an 8 week project, I'm inspired by Chris Butlers 8 week conversion of Commando from the Arcade to the Commodore 64, now I'm not thinking of converting Banjoo Kazooie or Virtua Fighter to the Yaroze what I am thinking of is an old classic 2D arcade game, I have recently been thinking of a C64 or Speccy game as well, but that might be cheating, possible Arcade conversion are below, ones with * mean they already have a PSOne conversion, I'd like to get it as complete in that time as possible.

Commando*, APB, Bomb Jack, Bubble Bobble Symphony,
Green Beret, Combat School, Elevator Action,
Nemesis / Salamander, Rainbow Islands *, NewZealand Story
Donkey Kong Jnr, Gauntlet *, Ikari Warriors
Gun Smoke*, Flying Shark, Outrun
Space Harrier, Spy Hunter, Sky Kid
Pac Mania, Paperboy *, Toobin *
Super Sprint *



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