Below are some of the games I loved when growing up and shaped me into the programmer/artist I am today, they also form a list of titles I would like someday to convert to the Yaroze.

My Heros have got to be Andrew Braybrook and Chris Butler they both made the Commodore C64 sing, Andrew for his original games and Chris for cramming an Arcade game in the humble machine, later Andrew Braybrook went on to make the Amiga sing, and Chris is currently making the Playstation sing...

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Contact Sam Cruise   (Speccy)

Skool Daze (and Back to Skool) (Speccy)

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Paradroid (c64) Uridium (c64)
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Jack the Nipper (c64) Monty on the Run (c64)
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Thing on a Spring


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Spy vs Spy Creatures 2
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Wizball Bombuzal
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Everyone's a Wally Little Computer People
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Law of the West Gribbly's Special Day Out
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Nebulus Kickstart
Fire and Ice (CD32)  Uridium 2, the true Uridium sequel on the Amiga
Ruff 'n' Tumble on the Amiga
Some people will question if these are classics, however the length of time I spent playing them, they are certainly
classics in my book, having gone all the way thru Space Harrier and a good way thru PowerDrift.
If anyone would dought the ability of fitting a complete game into the Yaroze just take a look at these 2 games,
Chris Butler managed to squeeze a full arcade conversion into 64k & a single load. I always admire games on the
c64 & Spectrum that managed to do without fancy multi-loads.
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Power Drift (c64)

Space Harrier (c64)

Outrun (arcade) Space Harrier (arcade)
Commando (arcade) Green Beret (arcade)


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