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Sound Effects Player

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This handy utility allows you download your sound effects and preview them on the Yaroze before inserting them into your real code.


    Make your sound effects the usual way (strangling the cat whilst holding the mic down its throat) , then convert to the usual VAG, VAB, VH, VB etc.

    Now to preview the sounds simply edit the 'list.txt' file, listing the sound effects in order; heres a sample...

The list contains the 'names' of your sound effects. Note that I don't have a 'Fury animal dying' noise (since it recently did, also making my mic unrecoverable).  Also note that the 'end' is very important.

Now edit the siocons/pscomutil file to include YOUR VB, VH, and 'list.txt' file.  When this has downloaded, you can run the application and happily repeat the process thousands of times until your sound effects sound half decent.

The zip file contains a sample set of sounds, a 'list.txt' file, and a sample siocons loader.  The zip also contains the code that you can simply bung into a new GCC or Code Warrior project (main.cpp and main.h).  You can see from the header file where the application expects the sounds and 'list.txt' to be loaded.   Change these if you desire, but remeber to reflect the changes in the loader.

Get the ZIP now(65K)...

Get the Exe now(6K)(for those that don't want to build the source, but remember, you'll have to have the relevant files from the above zip).




Updated, just the bare files you need to get going...

Compiling's a chore? Fiddling with SIOCONS scripts just too much?  Then YOU need 'this zip'.  This file contains just a batch file and the psx exe to get your sounds up and running.


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