3DS MAX 4 Max2Rsd Exporter Plug-In (for Max 4) 3D Studio MAX 4 - RSD Exporter Plug-In - V1.0Beta (updated to Max 4 by Steve Parnell (~arkitekt)) (Get a PDF Help file in Max 3.x
3DS MAX 3.x Max2Rsd Exporter Plug-In Examples Exported 3D Studio MAX 3.x - RSD Exporter Plug-In - V1.0Beta -
PlayStation Katarsis Puzzle 3D
Windows 95/NT NY Project Builder 1.0B Utility to create PlayStation Compact Data Files
( unpack and run "setup" to install )
Ms-Dos Maper32 Utility to do 3D Surface Collision Detection ( with sources ) 50Kb
PlayStation Fire Fire Demo Example ( with sources ) 12Kb
Ms-Dos Utility and PlayStation Example TimZip TimZip V0.1Beta TIM Compression Utility ( with sources ) 65Kb
PlayStation MicroDemo 3D Demo 340Kb
PlayStation StoneGate 3D Beat'em-up Game 517Kb
PlayStation StoneGate Sources StoneGate 'C' Sources 499Kb
PlayStation Morph Morph demo ( with source code ) 38Kb
Ms-Dos AutoSort V1.1B  Sorts all files and #defines to send to PlayStation *UPGRADE V1.1B* 13Kb
Ms-Dos Extractor V1.0B  Extracts binary blocks from files  9Kb



3D FAQS Download ZIP Vectors, Matrix, Quaternions, IK, Collisions... NEW!&COOL! 58Kb
Adobe PDF R3000 Manual R3000 Software Guide NEW!&COOL! 1Mb
Basic Vector and Matrix Tutorial Read the tutorial DownLoad Vectors.Zip
General Matrix Operations Read the tutorial ...
PostScript MIPS IV Instruction Set Full R3000 Assembler Documentation (328 pages) 352Kb
Word 6.0 3D Reference 3D General Information (c)'94'95'96 Sebastien Loisel 254Kb
PostScript 3D Reference 3D General Information (c)'94'95'96 Sebastien Loisel 353Kb



Neil's Neural Nets ( Excellent reference for beginners, there are two NN programs in VBasic )  Link
Imagination Engines ( Do you want to create a Neural Net to make a 'Creative Machine' ? )  Link
The Programmers Vault ( Very good page with a lot of sources and tutorials for programmers )  Link
Ziron Multimedia ( Another good page for programmers )  Link
Zooland ( The best page for Artificial Life )  Link
Artificial Intelligence FAQs ( Some FAQs about AI, ALife, FuzzyLogic, Genetic A, etc)  Link
FAQSYS, Game Programming Page  Link
Programmer's Virtual Library, Game Programming Page  Link
Amit's Game Programmer Information  Link
A Study of the MIPS R3000 Architecture  Link
Motion Capture Tools and Studios Link
The Game Developer's Resourcium  Link
3D Graphic File Formats  Link
PlayStation Tricks/Cheats and more... Link
Game Programming Link
The Algorithm Link
Artificial Intelligence Link
Programming in C Link
3D Graphic Engines Link


PCX Maps for your Games or Demos


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