Net Yaroze at Middlesex.


Europe's first ever courses to include development for PlayStation ™ on Sony Computer Entertainment's Net Yaroze. ™


Rough translation of some of the German World of PlayStation article can be found: here. Actually they invite game submissions from readers ...

No more short courses are planned at the moment but you never know, check back if you want to....

A new motion capture demo can be found at:

The second load of student demos and screenshots are now available here..

Some screenshots and links to executables of student work submitted for the first coursework can be found here.

Have a look at some photos of our Yaroze Lab.

A Net Yaroze 3D graphics programming tutorial and a (tacky) stereo viewing demo are now available in our ftp area.


The School of Computing at Middlesex University has established an reputation for education in Computer Graphics which has largely arisen through our MSc in Computer Graphics. (Have a look at how our graduates have got on.) A few years ago we introduced a graphics strand to our BSc in Applied Computing to enable undergraduates to specialise in this area. In line with this development we recently came to an agreement with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe whereby they donated a lab's worth of Net Yaroze programmable playstations, enabling us to offer games programming as part of our portfolio. We offer the following:

BSc Applied Computing Graphics Strand Our BSc in Applied Computing offers one introductory and four third level optional modules in computer graphics including one on games programming using the Net Yaroze. Find out more details.
MSc Interactive Computing Systems This MSc provides an education in computing that concentrates on multimedia, and is aimed at graduates who do not have a computing background. As part of this programme it is possible to take up to three third level modules in computer graphics from the courses described above.Further details can be found here.
MSc Computer Graphics We have run this highly respected MSc for some years now but unfortunately we have not been able to run the course this year due to staff shortages. Course details can be found here , but of particular interest is our graduate profiles page which documents the considerable success of our students who include an Academy Award Winner at the 1994 Oscars!
Short Courses We have finally got round to setting up a week long short course set for the last week of July, the details can be found here, other may follow.
PhD Studentships We have a number of students currently studying for the award of PhD in the area of computer graphics. Our School funds PhD studentships and also receives some EPSRC quota studentships, so if your interested in post graduate research please contact Professor Harold Thimbleby or Dr Peter Passmore.


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